Vegetarian Naturals




1. What is the OMEGA and DHA made out of?

The OMEGA and DHA is made out of OMEGA 3-6-9 Acids, rich in ALA from Chia seed oil and DHA . The DHA comes from a vegetarian algae source called life’sDHA™.

2. What is the benefits of OMEGA 3-6-9 & DHA?

Omega-3 from DHA & ALA supports brain, vision, and overall health. DHA supports cognitive functions like memory, social development, and behavior. Omega 6 is anti-inflammatory and Omega 9 provides blood sugar support.

3. What are the pigments made out of?

The colors are natural pigments taken from the Tumeric Root and Annatto Seeds.

4. Can my child take this supplement when they are no longer considered a toddler?

Yes! Your toddler, pre-schooler, elementary aged, tween, teenager, and even mom and dad can all supplement the Advanced OMEGA and DHA GUMMIES. It's supports all developmental stages of your developing child. Please note that toddler's under the age of two are not recommended taking this product due to choking hazards. Please see the supplement label on the bottle.

5. What is 3rd Party Tested?

Vegetarian Naturals® products come from an FDA registered and inspected facility & is NSF certified. All of our products are Third-Party tested. Third-Party tested certification verifies that the product is of high quality and consists of the ingredients listed on the label. This testing procedure ensures the safety & purity of our products to the customer. Note, that such testing is only a snapshot in time of the product. We are proud to say that you can buy our products with confidence knowing that we attest to the highest quality of standards in our verification process.