Vegetarian Naturals - Happy new year
2022 We’re Coming for You!

Happy New Year

Happy 2022 everyone! The New Year is a time for growth, resolutions, and overall wellness.  With Omicron sneaking its way into our holiday parties and gatherings, it’s important we have protective measures set to keep ourselves and our families safe.  If 2022 is going to be anything like 2021, we need to be prepared to be our best and healthiest selves!  With that said, vitamins are going to be a key component this year in starting 2022 off on the right foot!
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Vegetarian Naturals - Vitamin C
Vitamin C

With flu and cold season on the rise, we need a nutrient that helps protect and fight against sickness. This is a substance your body needs to form blood vessels, cartilage, muscle and collagen in bones. It is also vital to your body’s healing process. This nutrient is called Vitamin C.

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Vegetarian-Naturals Think Zinc!
Think Zinc!

With school back in session, it’s essential for our kids to stay safe and healthy. Even with continuous reminders for your kids to wash their hands, social distance, and wear a mask, sometimes these efforts fall short. Vegetarian Naturals® Kids Whole Life™ Organic Multivitamin Gummies, is here to help support your child’s wellness!
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Vegetarian Naturals - The Sunshine Vitamin
Vitamin D

Generally speaking, all micronutrients are important because they are the building blocks of our health, but here we will talk about one vitamin in particular.  This vitamin is vital for our bone health, it is the base of our skeletal system. Some call it “ the sunshine vitamin” but it is better known as vitamin D.

You may have heard a few claims about the importance of vitamin D, but here you can find out so much more.

Why is it so important? Which roles does it have? Why is it called “the sunshine vitamin”, and how much of it do we actually need?

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Vegetarian Naturals - Vitamin A
Vitamin A

In times of sickness and in times of health, vitamins are highly recommended by our friends and colleagues, as well as medical professionals, whether to help us get well sooner or as prevention and overall health booster.

There is a wide variety of vitamins out there in colorful veggies and tasteful fruits, waiting for you to include them as a regular part of your healthy diet.

The following text will guide you through necessary info regarding no other than vitamin A.

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Vegetarian Naturals - Antioxidants

Recently, one of the most talked-about topics in healthy living circles and beyond is none other than antioxidants. They have scooped away all the attention because of many claims of their health benefits. Let’s learn something new today and take a look at them more closely.

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